Choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions as a parent or carer; the right school will help shape their future and prepare them for the working world. If Hope High School has been recommended by the local authority Special Educational Needs (SEN) teams, please contact the school directly to arrange a visit. The best way to understand how our school operates on a daily basis is to come and have a guided tour.

The process for potential new students:

· The student must have a statement of Special Educational Needs/ Education, Health and Care Plan which identifies behavioural, social and emotional difficulties.

· The SEN team must identify Hope High as a suitable school for placement.

· Information is shared to the Head Teacher, prior to visit, who will discuss the placement with the Senior Leadership team.

· If the Head Teacher decides a place may be available, the pupil may come for a visit and if all agree, the pupil will complete four taster days in school.

· Following the taster days, a decision will be made whether a place will be offered or not.

· The SEN team will inform parents/ carers of the outcome of any decisions.