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At Hope High we focus on enabling students to be confident, creative and productive in their use and understanding of Computing. This includes the mastery of technical skills and techniques as well as understanding how to apply these skills purposefully, safely and responsibly in learning, everyday life and in future employment.

Year 7

In Computing lessons in year 7, students will construct a Data Collection Form to note the results of certain sports/ PE activities that they will go out and record. These will then be inputted into a spreadsheet they have created along with the same results from the rest of their group. These results will then be modelled, analysed and predictions will be made from their work. With the teachers help, the results from the individual classes will then be imported into an overall Database where the findings from the whole year will be validated, queried and reported upon. All findings will then be brought together with a review of the findings into an overall project individual report. During the second part of the year, students will focus more on computing skills and they will use the programming software Scratch to produce a variety of computer games. Each student will then need to choose one game concept and develop and learn how the game is created.

Year 8

In Computing lessons in year 8, students will redesign and build a website for a particular audience, taking account of the users’ particular interests and individual needs. The lessons focus on the knowledge, skills and understanding of refining and presenting information and recognising fitness for purpose. This work will also reflect the processes of the Systems Life Cycle. During the second part of the year, students will further build upon their Computing skills be learning to use a text-based programming language to perform a variety of tasks. This unit will focus on learning how to understand the syntax of the language and develop their problem solving skills and ability to work independently to produce solutions for a variety of tasks.

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Hope High recently introduced Construction to our Vocational Studies BTEC programme. We pride ourselves on providing a course that not only teaches our students much needed skills, wanted by the industry but also life skills that encourage confidence in their ability to learn.
Over 2 million people work in the UK’s construction industry*. A BTEC in Construction is an ideal way to acquire sought-after skills. Our BTEC Introductory Level 1units in Construction develops the craft skills and knowledge learners will need to enter the many vocations within the construction industry – or as a stepping-stone into higher education. With a range of specialist units available, learners can tailor their course to reflect their own aspirations. On-going assessment, with no end of year exams, ensures learners remain engaged as they work towards a qualification that’s recognised and respected both by the construction industry and higher education institutions.
*Source: Department For Business Innovation & Skills

Progression for learners
A BTEC in Construction (Introductory Level 1) can help our students achieve their full potential. Learners are rewarded along the way for consistent hard work and demonstration of their knowledge. A BTEC in Construction offers active learning in a vocational context and builds confidence, competence and motivation in our learners.

Engaging for everyone
Students, of all abilities, often fail to see the link between what they learn in an academic sense and the world of work. BTECs in Construction change all that. The vocational learning style is completely different from the more traditional routes. Students may research their topics and present results in a wide variety of ways other than written text. They don’t have to work alone – group interaction can often play a part, for example through teamwork and role-play. BTECs can engage and enhance the performance of all learners, who recognise that the skills they are developing are those that employers will value. They are learning in a practical way without the need to commit to an apprenticeship.

The skills to go straight into a job
Learners wishing to go straight from a BTEC into employment or college will already be equipped with some of the knowledge, skills and understanding to enter any of the following occupations: bricklayer, carpenter and joiner, painter and decorator, electrical, plumbing and construction operative.

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Food Technology

Students will have many opportunities to learn and apply a wide range of practical cooking skills and techniques so that they become competent cooks. Food Tech will teach important life skills to students which can help them to live healthy and independent lives once they leave College as well as provide a sound foundation for those who may wish to pursue a career in catering.

Students in year 7 and 8 start by building from basics and learning a range of cooking skills. They study the importance of hygiene and the different food groups through the ‘Eatwell Plate’.

In year 9, student’s practical skills are extended and they produce more complex recipes. They also learn about adapting recipes for those with special dietary requirements.

Students in year 10 and 11 will continue to make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Students will examine the role of food and its nutritional components in the body and investigate the nutritional needs of individuals and groups. They will demonstrate hygienic handling of food to ensure a safe and appealing product They will also undertake a BTEC Hospitality and Catering at Introductory Level 1.

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Physical Education

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