“Science stimulates and excites pupils’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. It also satisfies this curiosity with knowledge. Because science links direct practical experience with ideas, it can engage learners at many levels.”
The National Curriculum for England DFES/ QCA

Pupils will study at KS3:
Hope High School KS3 Science is based on the very latest AQA (KS3) specification, released in June 2016. During the autumn term students get to spend most of their learning objectives based in the science lab. During the first few weeks, the emphasis is placed on laboratory safety, hazards and rules of the laboratory. Students are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with basic laboratory equipment. During week 3, under the new ‘big idea’, students work through the ‘Reaction’ module of ‘Acids and Alkalis’. A strong emphasis is placed on investigation skills. All modules are linked to the schools program of assertive mentoring.

KS3 Science Curriculum Map