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Pupils achieve silver award - Well done


In April our pupils took part in a three day canoe expedition on the Lancaster canal. They took part in a 10 week preparation and leadership programme to support skill development. This formed the qualifying phase of the silver Duke of Edinburgh award.

The pupils accepted support and guidance from staff and fully engaged in the whole experience. They represented the school well displaying high levels of maturity and resilience.

Throughout the expedition the pupils displayed confidence, independence, personal risk assessments and making responsible judgements. They excelled in showing how well they could work together and support each other when the activities became physically and mentally challenging. Applying themselves to real life challenges in an unsupported environment.

Our pupils impressed the DofE assessors by displaying resilience and maturity which will support them well in their chosen education and careers paths, they are a credit to Hope High School.


Silver Award - DofE


The School is a provider of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) scheme which aims to help young people take part in various challenging activities that help them develop key skills.

We offer pupils the chance to progress through the Bronze and Silver awards.

Taking part in this scheme develops member’s confidence and develops their self-esteem, with expert guidance from the Schools members of staff.

Pupils in Year 10 and 11 will participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. The scheme comprises of four elements; sport, community, hobbies and expedition. The award is highly regarded by colleges and employers alike and it also provides our pupils with good team building exercises. Pupils will initially work towards their Bronze award; some pupils will then move onto the Silver Award.

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