At Hope High School, we have developed a curriculum designed to meet the needs of our pupils; our primary concern is to equip our pupils with the essential skills in Maths and English, with additional focus on Literacy and Numeracy (which will be called Skills Check), underpinned by concentrated sessions on improving reading skills to prepare for life after Hope High. Pupils will access Science lessons as well as part of their core curriculum, in addition to Personal Development, which will cover RE, PSHE, Citizenship, Careers and British Values.

In addition to this, each half term we will have a school wide focus; we will have a board in school that promotes an issue that is to be discussed in groups and classes across the school. Each class will look at this issue from different perspectives (Social issues, History/ Geography, Ecology and World Beliefs) that enhance the pupils’ learning. The theme will be discussed formally and informally. We will hold a formal debate with each class being represented at the end of the topic and/ or a writing competition for pupils to construct an essay on what they have learned about the topic.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum your child is following at Hope High school, please contact his/ her Key Worker or the school office for further information.

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