Personal Development

Personal Development
There are five key areas covered by the Personal Development curriculum:
• Health: healthy eating, drugs and alcohol awareness, sex and relationship education, mental health.
• Citizenship: rights and responsibilities, diversity & racism, Democracy, the media, government and anti-social behaviour.
• Future Destinations (Careers): GCSE options, transition post-16, searching & applying for a job, career planning, C.V. & interview skills, work experience.
• Enterprise: enterprise & the community, economic ideas, managing money, innovation.
• Safeguarding: E. Safety, road safety, stranger danger, abuse.
Aims of the P.D. course
• to contribute to the development of students at Hope High into well-rounded, engaged and positive individuals
• to engage students as active members of the school and wider community.
• to equip students with key life-skills and a secure knowledge of the most important issues facing our society