Online Tasks

Mr Harrison has setup a google site for Computing to allow pupils to do some weekly tasks.

Simply follow the link


Computer Science Resources - KS3

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking homeworks books.The homeworks will take the form of a series of puzzles designed to encourage the reading and understanding of code and in particular the logic behind the code.

Homeworks 1&2 are written in Scratch to allow their use with a variety of year groups. No understanding of Scratch is required to complete the first two homeworks. The programming language is simply being used as a vehicle to ask the questions.

Homework 3 onwards are written in Python.

Homework 1 - Fixed Loops
Homework 2 - Values & Variables
Homework 3 - String Handling
Homework 4 - IF (Making Decisions)
Homework 5 - Built in Functions 


Binary Workbook

Five page workbook, the cover has information to for students about carry out additiona in binary. The second page contains worked examples of binary addition. The next page has binary sums moving from 2 bits to 8 bits. The next task adds two bytes together and then converts the result to denary. This number is then used to find letters to spell out a location. The last task adds two bytes and asks the students to identify when an overflow error would occur.

Computer Science

Further Computing Resources

Please can you try to e-mail Mr Harrison with your responses to the above tasks - his e-mail address is

Functional Skills - KS4

Microsoft Document resources to work through on key computing skills.

Computing Functional Skills


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