Provider Access Policy


Here at Hope High School we offer some of our pupils the opportunity to access alternative provision to education. For reasons that are uniquely for the individual pupil, a placement may be sort. We understand that a school environment is not always the right place for all our pupils to learn.  Currently we use four different providers, all offering different types of education. Below is a brief description of the providers and the qualifications that are offered.


Apple Cast NW

Cast is a charity based provider that “offers a safe and secure environment for people of all ages who are interested in fishing and the environment. Cast NW has developed bespoke outdoor activities which include horticulture, conservation, fishing management, fish breeding, aquaponics, agriculture, tailored woodwork shops and animal care.” Taken from the Cast flyer.

At Hope High School, we have found that the majority of pupils that have accessed Cast have become more confident in other areas of their school career. Thus the knock on effect is that they can then access the curriculum delivered in school.

The qualifications that are offered at Cast are:

  • Open Awards -
  • Fishery management level 1 Award/Certificate
  • Horticulture Entry 2-3 Award/Certificate
  • Horticulture Level 1 Award
  • Conservation Level 1 Award/Certificate

Please click the link to visit their website and have a look at what Cast offer

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TLC- Training and learning centre

Training and Learning Centre is a Skelmersdale based alternative provision which provides education in the construction work force. They offer bricklaying, Plastering, Joinery, Stone Masonry and Decorating. It is delivered in a medium sized building with two professional construction workers. The pupils will learn various trades during their time at TLC. They will be given a choice of which area they would like to specialise in.

The qualifications that are offered are:

  • Level one award in Plastering/Joinery/Decorating/Bricklaying/Electrical
  • Level one certificate skills for employment in the construction industries
  • Level one diploma in construction industries. Stand-alone unit awards in single areas
  • Level 2 award in plastering, joinery, painting and decorating, brickwork and electrical

Pupils will complete a portfolio of the work they complete as well as assessments, practical skills and external examinations. Most of our pupils, past and present have enjoyed their time at TLC and gained valuable knowledge in their chosen construction area.


Creativity Works Preston

“CWP offers an alternative form of education to people of all ages who need or prefer to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition. The crux of the learning environment and pedagogy is learning through doing; practical work and the solving of tasks in a working community aimed a real production and marketing of goods and services. The bespoke training courses include Hair & Beauty, Food & Nutrition, Teaching & learning, Media and Music, Sport and Maths & English.

There is also a pre-16 programme to referral agencies such as Schools, Lancashire County Council Missing Education team, Youth Offending team and any agency responsible for young people aged 14-16, with places available for up to 40 young people. Creativity Works offer a post- 16 Programme with places available for up to 50, students. All progress is tracked by an online e-portfolio system supplied by our partner OneFile and is accessible online” Quoted from their web page.

Please click the link to visit their website and look what CWP offer young people


Educ8group -  Learnfit

Educ8 group delivers alternative education to young people. The main aim is help improve attendance, help raise self-esteem and confidence plus give the pupil skills and qualifications for a future career.

We have used educ8 for the sport element and have found that our pupils have fully engaged into the program plus gained a BTEC qualification by the end of year 10.

Qualifications that the pupils can achieve are as follows:

·         BTEC Levels 1&2 Sports Leadership

·         BTEC Levels 1&2 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure

·         BTEC Levels 1&2 First Award in Sport

Please click on the link below to see what educ8 offer young people


The Skem Creative Hub

Creative Hub is a new provision that Hope High have recently engaged with. The Hub is an Arts based provision, homing in on pupils artistic skills and widening their creative expression. 

The Hub allows pupils to explore photography, spray painting, woodwork, music, Filmmaking, up-cycling furniture, community work plus more!

The pupils can achieve a Bronze Art Award. If they are studying GCSE art in school then the staff at The Hub will work alongside them to help them achieve this to the best of their ability. 

Follow the link below and have a look at The Creative Hub in action.

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