“Every child is an artist."

Pablo Picasso

Art at Hope High School


Through varied learning activities and interesting, topics pupils will engage with contemporary and contextual artwork. They will develop their skills to be able to explore and different methods and approaches. Pupils work on topics which focus their ability and learning styles and builds upon prior knowledge

All pupils will


  • explore visual and tactile qualities
  • investigate materials and processes
  • use these processes to make a unique drawings and painting that investigate, form, shape, texture and colour;
  • talk about the differences between their own and others’ work; suggest improvements to their own work
  • collect visual and other information for their work; organise and combine visual and tactile qualities;
  • analyse and comment on the ideas, methods and approaches used in their own and others’ work
  • review, adapt and refine their own work to reflect its meaning and purpose

Curriculum Information - Art


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