"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

Mahatma Gandhi

At Hope High School, we will be covering History, Geography, and RE as part of our Humanities programme at KS3&4.

Throughout KS3 within Geography pupils will develop knowledge, understand processes and become competent in Geographical Skills, following a fun and structured curriculum plan throughout the years. The focus in History for pupils will develop their chronological knowledge understanding British, Local and World knowledge, pupils will have the opportunity to explore.


At KS4 students will work towards Entry Level Humanities pathway certificates in both Geography and History. The Geography pathway will focus on UK cities, Mega Cities, Earthquakes, Flood Events, Tropical Rainforests, Fair Trade and Fieldwork practical’s pupils will be able to develop greater competence within all the areas. Throughout the History certificate pupils will cover Medieval, Modern Britain, Industrialisation and Germany 1925-1955 extending and deepening their knowledge and understanding.


We want our pupils to have a developed awareness of the world around them and an understanding of the different communities and cultures that exist in Britain today, as well as knowledge about Britain’s role in the world historically. Please find curriculum maps for the subjects below:


Curriculum Information - Humanities

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