Careers Education at Hope High

Our vision - To educate, advise and inform our pupils of ALL pathways that will lead them to employment.

To deliver a broad and balanced careers program that will raise the aspirations of our pupils and develop employability skills so they can be positive members of our society and our future workforce.


School's Careers Lead

Phil Hitchen is the School's Careers Lead. Phil has experience supporting young people with Special Educational Needs to engage with education, employment and training as they transition from Key Stage 4 to Post 16 study. Phil's role will be to continue developing and maintaining the existing strong links across the community to help improve pupil opportunities and outcomes. Phil can be contacted on and 01695 721066.

Careers Information Booklet

Career North Term Reports

Gatsby Benchmarks

What are the Gatsby benchmarks?
The eight benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support schools and based on best practice from across the world.


Gatsby benchmarking



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