Hope High Students Ride the Wave of Rapid Improvement


Year 11

Our year 11 students were thrilled on results day as everyone involved celebrated the continuous upwards trend in Hope High’s exam results.

Yet again, 100% of students entered achieved Pass grades (1-9) in GCSE Maths, English and Art. This continues Hope High’s positive trajectory; with outcomes once again exceeding all expectations. For the few students who struggle with the demands of GCSE maths and English, 100% achieved a level 1 Pass in Functional Skills Maths and English, with 50% of entrees achieving Level 2 in Maths and English. Other strong performances were observed in Science, with 100% of students entered achieving an Entry Level Certificate in Science.

The high-flying accomplishments continued to include the more practical /creative based subjects with students achieving 100% Pass rate in the BTEC level 1 in Sport and Active Leisure, the Open Award Level 1 Skills for Further Learning and Employment and the Entry Level Certificate in Design Technology; clear evidence of a strong and embedded creative curriculum which complements the core subjects and enables all the talents of all our students to be celebrated.

Outstanding individual successes are being celebrated at the very top end with two students achieving at least 7 recognised qualifications, one with 10 qualifications – A record in Hope High’s history!

The impact of further developing a personalised, broader and more balanced curriculum has meant that all our Y11 leavers progress to further education with more qualifications, more confidence and better life chances.


Y10 Results

We have high standards and high expectations of all our pupils and the recent results of our year 10 are testament to this. 90% of those entered in Maths and English passed at Level 1 with 50% of those entered passed in Functional skills Maths and English at Level 2. With more qualifications on offer and a year to go, the future is looking very bright for our year 10's.


Y9 Results

We are proud of all our pupils and the year 9's are living up to our high standards and expectations. They have made a tremendous start to KS4 by achieving some very promising results in both English and Maths. 100% of entrees have achieved an Entry Level Certificate in English. In addition, two of our 'able and ambitious' pupils have achieved a Pass grade in Functional skills Level 1 maths and English.


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