We believe that everyone at Hope High School is valued equally and must be treated with dignity and respect. We have high aspirations and expectations for all involved within the learning community, striving for an outstanding learning experience for its pupils. The school celebrates and supports individual talents and provides exceptional care, guidance and support. The school is founded on strong relationships, nurture and seeing everyday as a new day. The school is always innovating and finding new ways to engage and inspire our learners.

Promoting British Values at Hope High School

Promoting British Values is at the core of everything we do at Hope High School. We take great pride in creating and upholding a community which is open and engaging in all aspects of British life.

We aim to encourage all our pupils to be accepting of different faiths and backgrounds and to develop an awareness of the countries and cultures that make up Great Britain. Topics are covered in our PSHE/ Citizenship and RE lessons giving pupils the opportunities to discuss issues that are relevant in today's Britain.

Our whole culture at Hope is based on democracy and the Rule of Law; pupils earn points for behaviour and attitude to learning in each lesson, underpinning acceptable ways to behave, to listen to others points of view and to have a say in how others behaviour affect the whole group's progress. Pupils are able to raise concerns to school council members who in turn debate the issues to form a resolution.

As an SEMH school, we promote strategies that enable children to develop the way they express their emotions and behave in a socially acceptable manner. We have a system of Respect Points which staff give out when they see a pupil acting in a manner which promote the British Values we all like to see in society; excellent manners, helpfulness, being caring, resolving conflict, empowering others....Pupils who earn such points are duly rewarded at the end of each term, which encourages the whole community to engage in a culture that promotes British Values.

Each Friday morning all classes have a British Values lesson where a topical issue is discussed and every member of the class has their say; topics discussed include Diversity, Brexit, Homelessness, Charity, etc. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to explore the issues relevant to the country they live in as they equip themselves to become a valued member of British society.

The school will:

  • Provide a wide range of relevant and appropriate learning opportunities and experiences.
  • Deliver a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which is pupil centered and responsive to individual needs.
  • Create high quality learning and teaching environment which is stimulating and safe.
  • Promote pupils emotional health and well being.
  • Ensure continuity and progression within the school and prepare pupils for the next phase of life, including life-long learning.
  • Work in partnership with pupils, parents, carers, and other professionals, voluntary agencies and the local community.

The school aims to enable pupils to:

  • To enjoy learning.
  • Make progress and become as independent as possible.
  • Build self esteem and confidence.
  • Develop effective means of communication.
  • Form positive healthy relationships with others.
  • Become an active citizen.

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11 November 2019

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