Here is some feedback from one of our Year 11 students who will be leaving us this summer;

I was a student at Hope high and the facilities they offer to support all types of needs is mind blowing.
The staff that are there work so hard to ensure all students get what they need to help them succeed in life.

As an ex-student I have been in all the different situations the school has had to face and it’s challenging don’t get me wrong but the staff and even the students do there utter best to sort out what’s needed to be sorted out.

When I was at the school lucky enough I got to share my past life experiences and put them to good use helping students when they were down or were just struggling.

I was part of the school council team 5 years in a row and every year it got harder and harder but it was a rewarding job watching the school unfold into a better version of itself.

I was then in year 10 a school prefect and this changed everything for me I got the chance to see doors open for me that I would of never saw open.

I also got to go to other schools and help expand their children’s vocabulary and share loads of great memories.

Shortly after I got given the role of deputy head boy and this was a dream come true I’d always wanted to be a front page role model for the school and a positive part of the school body using my skills once again to succeed.

As deputy head boy I got to do many things such as teach my own lessons on many various subjects and the important ones as well.

I also joined my fellow head boy to come up with a design not just any design but a design that summed are school up in one this design was going to be our design for the school sports kits.

I would highly recommend this school for anyone with additional needs or any of the above.

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